Pro Tips to Register IELTS Test in Pakistan

Every year, hundreds of students take IELTS test in order to prepare for their move to Abroad. IELTS has become mandatory for anybody who wants to pursue further studies in Abroad. It’s like the pathway for getting a VISA
So, if you are planning to take your IELTS test but you are confused how to get yourself registered for it. We have taken it on ourselves and we are here to guide you through the entire registration process. IELTS registrations in Pakistan can be done easily and you just need to follow a few guidelines carefully.

So, following it up and read on and find out everything about it. Read more…

How To Plan IELTS Test Dates Without Compromising Your Busy Schedule?

One of the most common question that arises when scheduling your IELTS test dates is “Will I be able to prep for it or take it along with my busy schedule?”. The answer to the dilemma is YES, of course you can take it but just with a bit of scheduling and planning.

Although, in order to fulfill your criteria and achieve maximum bands in your IELTS test, you need commitment and dedication. It might be difficult considering you have to handle your work load along with your preparations for test but with just a few things to remember, you can keep it in line.

We have come up with 5 tips that you can use in order to take your IELTS in time and to manage its preparation alongside your daily routine. Just a bit of more effort and you are good to go. Read more…