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Free IELTS support tools

IELTS Application forms can be downloaded from the website. The IELTS test is regularly administered by AEO Pakistan at their three centres located in Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi. For information about place availability and test dates, please check our IELTS test dates on AEO website or contact us by sending an email to or call at  111-236(AEO)-000 during office  hours.


Candidates wishing to register for an IELTS test must submit with their IELTS Application Form and the following documents;

  1. Bank draft/payorder payable to AEO-Pakistan (credit cards are not accepted).
  2. A photocopy of their valid National Identity Card or Passport, passport will be preferred – (Photograph and Signature pages of passport)

Candidate can come personally to submit their Application Form or send it through mail/courier.

Candidate Online IELTS Applications

Candidates can also reserve seat online by visiting Online test date booking portal.

Once candidate receive online test date booking confirmation he/she should need to submitt the following document to AEO office within 5 working days after the booking.

  1. Bank draft/payorder payable to AEO-Pakistan (credit card and cash are not accepted)
  2. Copy of NIC or passport whatever he/she entered online while booking a test date.(passport will be preferred – Photograph and Signature pages)
  3. Online test booking reference (print of email received )
  4. Important notice for candidates  appearing in AEO Islamabad and AEO  Lahore  GOVT TAX @ 16% Implemented on IELTS fee and AEO Karachi Centre GOVT TAX @ 13% Implemented on IELTS fee.

AEO Lahore & AEO Islamabad Registration Fee with GST from August 2016.

IELTS REGISTRATION FEE: Rs. 22,000 + 3520 = 25,520/-
DATE TRANSFER FEE: Rs. 5,500 + 880 = 6380/-
CENTRE CHANGE: Rs. 1,000 + 160 = 1160/-
ADDITIONAL TRF (Local): Rs. 500 + 80 = 580 /-
ADDITIONAL TRF (Overseas): Rs. 2,500 + 400 = 2900/-
EOR FEE: Rs. 12800+2048=14848/-
REFUND (after deductions): Rs. 22,000 -5500 = 16,500/-

AEO Karachi Registration Fee with GST from August 2016

IELTS REGISTRATION FEE: Rs. 22,000 +2860 = 24860/-
DATE TRANSFER FEE: Rs. 5,500 + 715 = 6215/-
CENTRE CHANGE: Rs. 1,000 + 130 = 1,130/-
ADDITIONAL TRF (Local): Rs. 500 + 65 = 565/-
ADDITIONAL TRF (Overseas): Rs. 2,500 + 325 = 2,825/-
EOR FEE: Rs. 12800+1664=14464/-
REFUND (after deductions): Rs. 22,000 – 5,500 = 16,500/-


Note: The bank drafts/ pay orders must be payable to “AEO Pakistan”, We will no longer accept the Bank drafts/Pay orders Payable to AEO Islamabad/AEO Karachi/AEO Lahore or Australian Education office.


AEO will issue test date/venue confirmation letter at the time of registration or will dispatch this letter to the candidate by courier/mail. In case of any confusion kindly contact the appropriate AEO office for further clarification. Please note that you must bring your original IDs (passport or national identity card which ever you have mentioned on your Application form (Column 10) on the Test date without original ID documents you will not be allowed to sit for the test. Passport is the preferred ID document.

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