All of us wish to improve our lifestyle to make it exactly how we’ve dreamt of living all our lives. There are a number of ways that people employ in order to attain their dreams. One of these numerous ways is to move to another, more developed country, where you think you’d be able to find a better job and improve your standard of living.

However, moving and settling down in another country is not as easy as it seems. There are many hurdles that might come in your way, and passing IELTS is just one of them.

Now, you might be wondering about what IELTS really is? The International English Language Testing System is your gateway to moving to an English-speaking country, such as Canada, Australia, or the UK. This test is basically used to determine a person’s English language skills, that include speaking, reading, and listening to the language understandably enough so that you won’t have to face any kind of communication issues in the new place.

We know the next question that you have in mind. What is the purpose of IELTS and in which cases should you apply for its registration? The IELTS exam is necessary for various purposes, like if you want to move to an English-speaking for higher studies, employment, or immigration.

Moreover, you are also required to pass IELTS if you wish to get a Spouse Settlement Visa. You need to prove your English language skills in order to get this Visa. This is because Spouse Settlement Visa allows you to live and work or study in the new country. So, for the purpose of making sure you don’t have to face any communication-related problems, passing IELTS is a requirement that you have to fulfill for getting the Spouse Settlement Visa.

More on Spouse Settlement Visa

If some close relative of yours lives in the UK, you can always visit them by applying for a visitor Visa, that will allow you to stay there for up to six months. However, if you want to move in with your relative permanently, in the case that they are either of these:

  • Your wife or husband
  • Your civil partner
  • Your any other partner with whom you’ve lived with for at least two years.

Anyone of these, who wishes to permanently move in with you instead of visiting you for six months only, is referred to as a ‘dependant’, while you’re the ‘sponsor’.

Spouse Settlement Visa lasts for about 33 months if you’re the wife or husband of the person who’s sponsoring your visit. Otherwise, if you’re visiting your fiancé, your visa will last only for six months, or you two have to get married before the visa limit ends. Then, after getting either married or becoming civil partners, you can apply for leave in order to keep living with your partner for a total of 2 years and 6 months.

In any case, passing the IELTS exam is necessary to fulfill the Visa requirements.

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