Australia Spouse Visa – Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last few years, Australia has become a popular spot for not only tourists but also among the expats. Actually, there are a plethora of factors that make Australia the favorite spot among the masses. 

Some of these are inclusive of the following:

  • Easier visa processes
  • Higher visa granting rates
  • A variety of visas to cater needs of all types of applicants
  • Suitable job opportunities for everyone
  • The best education and healthcare
  • Laidback lifestyle 


And the list goes on. Many students who go to Australia for study purposes end up living there as a permanent resident. They either marry there or call their spouses to Australia. Let’s delve into the spouse visa below:


Talking about spouses, there are options available for spouse visas as well. These options have been tailored to suit your status in the country. According to a survey, expats tend to extend their stay or even apply for citizenship. 

Moreover, there is a high acceptance rate for an Australian visa. Notably, each year the Australian government provides around 50,000 partner visas and this number is increasing each year.

This is the first step towards a permanent spouse visa. There are two types of partner visas which are a) temporary and b) permanent as per the status of the applicant. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Spouse Visa:

Here are some of the FAQs about Australian spouse visa:

  • How long does it take to obtain a partner visa?

Well, the standard time for the processing of partner visa is between 18 to 25 months. Noticeably, there are some factors that can steer fast the process or delay it so you need to be aware of them all. 

For getting visa faster, it must be supported by proper evidence and documents. Incomplete applications might delay it or even lead to refusal of visa. 


  • What is the eligibility criterion to apply?


You are eligible to apply for 820/801 subclass visa application if:

  • You are over 18 years of age.
  • You and your partner both fit De-facto criteria.
  • You are married to your partner and it is recognized under Australian law.  
  • You both share commitments to live.
  • Your relationship seems genuine and long term.
  • You meet all the requirements of an applicant. 
  • You and your partner meet all health and character requirements.


  • When can my partner sponsor me?


Your partner can sponsor you if he/she is 

    • Over 18 years of age.
    • A permanent resident of Australia.
    • A citizen of Australia
    • An eligible citizen of New Zealand.


  • What are Onshore and Offshore partner visas?


The difference between them is the location of the applicant at the time of lodging the application in the immigration department:

  • Onshore: when an applicant is in Australia
  • Offshore: when the applicant is outside Australia


  • How long will the partner visas be valid?


The onshore 820/801 is a permanent visa. If you succeed to obtain it you will be rewarded permanent residency in Australia with travel rights for five years. 


  • Can a student visa holder apply for Onshore partner visa?


Yes, students can apply for further visa options including onshore spouse visa unless there are some conditions on your visa. You need to check Student Visa Grant for this.


  • How much does it cost to apply for 820/801 onshore spouse visa?


Before applying for a spouse visa in Australia you must keep in mind that it is never going to be cheap. An 820/801 would cost you around $7715 and that is for just application. There may be some additional charges as well. 


  • Can I apply for a partner visa if I have a visit visa?


Visitor Visas are granted for the sole purposes of visiting your family enjoying a vacation. Usually, visitor visas have ‘no further stay’ condition on them. But if your visa doesn’t have this, then you can apply for your partner’s visa. 


  • What is a Prospective Marriage Visa?


This is also referred to as a subclass 300 visa. This is suited for applicants who want to call their prospective marriage partners (also referred to as a fiancé) to Australia. This visa is valid for 9 months only and cannot be extended further. 

  • Is it necessary to get Police clearance for visa application?


What the Australian government is most concerned about is the character of the people before welcoming them to their territory. So, if your visa requires a character certificate, then you must obtain it for having a smooth run in the process of getting your visa.