Australia, Top Study destination for Pakistani students

Living in a country like Pakistan, studying abroad has numerous perks and offers a promising future to many. However, various factors need to be focused while choosing a study destination such as education quality, living expenses and environment for students from abroad. Whether you are going on a scholarship or on your own, a thorough knowledge of these factors is vital, and Australia is one of the best study destinations for Pakistani students aiming to study abroad. Let’s see why:

Australian Education Opportunities for International Students

Australia is the most popular destination for international students and one of the best locations to study for Pakistani students based on a number of reasons. Apart from its beautiful landscapes and sandy beaches, Australian institutes are known to welcome international students with an open mind and offer the well-organized provision of funds as well. Higher studies in Australia is officially encouraged in Pakistan through its scholarships and the platform of AEO which offers comprehensive and professional assistance regarding Australian Education and offers admission opportunities in more than 40 prestigious Universities.

Top Universities in the World:

Australia is home to the best universities and educational institutes worldwide offering almost every major and actively compete with many leading top-ranked institutions in the UK and US. Students enjoy the liberty to apply for up to nine courses in the country without any form of restrictions. Australia offers many government funded and university-specific scholarships to Pakistani students. Some of the leading Australian Universities are:

University of South Australia, University of Adelaide, University of Western Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Tasmania, University of Canberra, University of Melbourne, University of Wollongong, Canberra Institute of Technology and Griffith University.

Education Quality in Australia

Interestingly, at least one Australian university is rated among the best ones in every field such as medicine, mathematics, physics, natural sciences, pharmacy and more. Australian universities are linked to institutions in more than 100 countries while professional and renowned academic staff members are recruited from around the globe. Australian education immensely focuses on practical learning and give the students opportunities to employ their learning in a real environment. Australian education ensures that its students are sought after by Australian and international employers after completing the degree programs.

Best Students Cities in the World

Many best student cities in the world are located in Australia according to the QS annual ranking including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane among others. These are ranked in the top 30 best student cities based on the facilitating factors such as quality of studies, institute environment, facilities and accommodation, and entertainment opportunities.

For example, The University of Wollongong (UOW) is one of Australia’s leading Universities that is home to more than 70 nationalities and offers fitting facilities catering to Muslim students. While the University’s Careers Service offers numerous programs designed to give students work experience and assist in job placement in a wide range of industries.

Permission of Part-Time Work in Australia

A significant reason for being a popular destination for international students is permission to work part-time. However, these are followed as per the schedule that does not disturb the educational activities. If you hold Australian student visa for long term program, you can work for 20 hours a week and will not need a further work permit or residence permit in various sectors including administrative jobs, retail sector, accountants, fundraiser among many other without any discrimination.

Not only the Australian student visa serves as a work permit but also ensures the basic employment rights for its international students including minimum wage right which is equivalent to the regular citizens, a minimum of $20 per hour wage. The employment rights further include sick leaves, break periods during working hours and protection from uninformed and illegal dismissal from work. With its laws of skill-based income and minimum wage rule, the Australian Government ensures that students are paid as per their time and abilities.

Post-Graduation Visa and Permanent Residency in Australia

Unlike many countries, Australia is very lenient towards international students and offers expansion in visa for 2 to 4 years based on the individual’s qualification upon completing a post-graduation program. On the other hand, the individual is allowed to do an internship or training program in an Australian based company to acquire professional experience during the processing period. It can be related to the degree or specialization in the field.

With these facilitating features, Australia has become a top study destination for international students. Pakistani students can apply for scholarships in top-ranking Australian universities and enjoy world-class education within a cosmopolitan and facilitating environment.