Can I Apply for Immigration to Australia With an Ielts Score of 5.5?

As we all know that IELTS or the International English Language Testing Service is a standardized test held worldwide for those non-native English speakers who wish to seek admission or immigration to countries e.g., UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

It can thus rightfully be called as a gateway to your future. 

The test came into being three decades ago as a result of combined efforts of the world recognized English language experts. Since then it has only reached new heights. 

Today, more than 10,000 organizations make use of it as an entrance requirement. Adding to it, this test involves an assessment of all the skills that are required for getting command over the English language.   

Wondering What’s the Purpose of IELTS? 

The one and only purpose of IELTS is to seek a migration or admission in one of the above-mentioned countries. 

How Did This Test work?

IELTS test comprises of a total of the following four parts:

  1. Reading 
  2. Writing 
  3. Speaking 
  4. Listening 

Each part carries individual marks and assessment criteria. Likewise, each part is given individual marking. 

Moreover, the test results are in the form of bands which range from 0-9. There is an overall score given at the end of the test which is the final score of the test. 

The organizations which require IELTS as an entry requirement also mention the minimum band requirements that the applicant must have to be granted what he is seeking. 

On top of that, some countries have very high band requirement such as Australia for its visas and admissions. 

Australia – A Popular Destination:

Undoubtedly, Australia has become a popular destination over the last few years among students and immigrants. And, there are multiple reasons behind this. 

Be it the world-renowned universities, tech giants, the easy-going environment or Australia being the hub of opportunities. You name it and you find the best of it here in Australia. 

Therefore, more and more people are moving to this wonderland and eventually settling there. 

IELTS Score Required For Australia’s Immigration:

If you are planning to apply for a permanent residency (PR) in Australia, then the first ladder that you need to jump to is IELTS.

Australians are very keen on the language requirement and they want all the applicants wishing to live in their country, proficient in the English language. 

This is not easy as it may seem as the applicant must score a minimum of 6 bands out of 9 as an overall score. 

Even more, if you want your case to be stronger, you must score an overall score of 7 bands or even higher. You get extra 10 points if your IELTS score is 7 and 20 points if it is 8. The higher the band score, the stronger is the case and thus higher are chances of acceptability. 


If your overall IELTS score is 5.5, then there is not much good news for you. You can never apply for immigration as this is very low. 

And the Australian government is very peculiar in language. Also, if they were lenient and you could immigrate to Australia with this score, you would never be able to thrive there.

Although there are some universities that grant admissions on this score those too are very limited in number. Also, the courses that they offer are very limited as well.

So, you will have to work hard as no pain, no gain!