CD IELTS vs Standard IELTS in Pakistan – Everything You Got to Know

Did you ever take IELTS? If, yes then you’d definitely know its significance and the advantages it has for those pursuing an international visa. But, for the unknown person who is also making up their mind to go abroad in pursuit of a career or an international degree, let us tell you why is it important to have IELTS Test?

Well, the IELTS or International English Language Testing System is the threshold of your career, crossing which can provide you with a number of different platforms to shape your future in a highly sought-after way.

IELTS Has An Acceptance Across the Globe

It’s actually a highly recognizable certification in the academic and governmental institutes as well as in the employment firms all over the world. It makes you capable of studying in most of the international academic institutes due to its wide acceptance and recognition across the globe.

Basically, IELTS test your English language skills to certify you as proficient in the English language which is an official language in most countries of the world. In order to test your English language skills, IELTS has different sections including writing, speaking, reading and listening. There is a strict criterion for evaluation of each test to yield accurate results.
Have You Heard About Computer-Delivered (CD) IELTS in Pakistan?
Ever since the beginning, there was a paper-based system of taking the IELTS test. However, you can take it via computer with the help of the advanced technology that has taken over the whole world. Here’s to the Computer-Delivered IELTS in Pakistan that is a remarkable innovation for the students pursuing an international degree. This CD IELTS is actually in limelight across the globe due to its numerous benefits and those who are bored of giving a test on papers will particularly like it very much.

CD IELTS offers convenience as it has minimized all the pushing and rushing to a greater extent that used to happen previously. It has also cut down the need for a whole heap of staff needed to supervise students while taking the test. In fact, it only requires around two supervisors in the room where students come to give this test.

Better Concentration and High Accuracy

One can concentrate better while doing the listening section of IELTS by listening through headphones/earphones. In this manner, one can listen in a clearer way and, thus, can perform better otherwise environmental sounds and noise may hinder careful listening which can affect the result of your test.

The CD IELTS is equally challenging as the paper-based ILETS is as well as its speaking part also is exclusive of the computer-based testing system. The main difference between both these tests is that the CD IELTS allows typing on a computer whereas you need to write on a paper in the paper-based IELTS.  Most of all, it’s a futuristic way of having IELTS.

Hence, it’s up to you to opt for the most convenient way to take IELTS.
AEO is The Leading Institute Offering  CD IELTS in Pakistan:

Needless to say, AEO is one of the topmost institutes offering CD IELTS in Pakistan for those who want to apply for an Australian visa. In addition to the paper-based IELTS, it’s a privilege of AEO that it’s now offering its customers the Computer-Delivered IELTS in Pakistan. You are free to choose between your preferred option of taking IELTS i.e., either the paper-based or the CD IELTS.

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