Common Questions About CD IELTS in Pakistan

Call it ELTS or International Testing System, this has been there since ages and accepted as the most advanced mechanisms for the people who wish to study or migrate to the renowned destinations. Behind sometimes, IELTS used to be only on the paper. However, students or migrants who now wish to take IELTS in Pakistan can take either paper based IELTS or they can take IELTS test on Computer.

What is CD IELTS and Is It Different from Traditional Paper Based IELTS

CD IELTS is the recent most products from IELTS. This allows you to take your IELTS test on computer. Unlike traditional paper based test, where you had to go through a long list of questions to be attempted on paper. You now got the option to take this on computer.

How CD IELTS Can HELP You Achieving Better Results  

First of all, we will be very specific by letting you know there’s no difference between the test formats except the fact that one goes on the paper while the other one is on the computer. And if you are curious to know more about CD IELTS, you can get a sneak peak by visiting our CD IELTS section

Now heading forward to your question, how CD IELTS help you achieving better results.

In a survey from 100 students of different academic background, we have founded that almost 67% of the students believe that taking test on computer makes it easier for them and they feel more confident it seems less tedious.

Will CD IELTS in Pakistan Overwhelm Traditional IELTS

Answer can be yes as well as no. It entirely depends how people in Pakistan embrace it. Looking at the past behavior, it has been witnessed that the inclination towards CD IELTS in Pakistan is getting more and more. And the prime reason for this is, the simplicity and the level of ease that come with.

However, looking at the past patterns and the behaviors of the candidates, saying that CD IETLS in Pakistan will overwhelm traditional IELTS won’t be justified at this stage.

What is More Convenient CD IELTS or Paper Based IELTS

Whether it is CD IELTS or paper based, both have same patterns with the same bands. The only thing that differentiates CD IELTS from the traditional one is, reading, writing and listing test in CD IELTS goes on computer whereas in the other one it goes on paper.


Got Plans to Book CD IELTS?

In case you want to book CD IELTS in Pakistan or want to know more about it. You can always reach team AEO Pakistan.