Family Immigration to Canada with AEO

Canada, despite being the second largest country, has quite a small population and houses numerous opportunities whether it is work or educational field. Unlike many countries in the world, Canada has a lenient immigration law system and welcomes numerous immigrants throughout a year.

Being an opportunistic land and light on immigration laws, there has been a massive demand for immigration to Canada from Pakistan in recent years. However, like in any other immigration case, immigration to Canada with family requires a lot of documentation and professional guidance at every step and proper visa details. This is where the role of AEO Pakistan comes in the light. For years, AEO has been making family immigration to Canada easy. Let’s see how:

AEO Pakistan and Canadian Immigration

AEO Pakistan, known as ‘Australian & Global Education Specialists’ has been simplifying educational migrations to Australia since 1997. With time, AEO has become a credible and prominent go-to consultancy and migration company for immigration and migration services to a vast number of global destinations including Canada.

Having bagged a productive 22 years’ experience in immigration and visa matters, AEO is at the helm of visa affairs and services of a skilled professional in the field. AEO understands the immigration terms and requirements accurately, have agents working in every area of immigration in Canada that will help you apply and facilitate your immigration program.

AEO Pakistan & PLAYFAIR Visa & Migration Services

AEO offers the ultimate potential of the global migration destinations with the collaboration of PLAYFAIR Visa & Migration Services. PLAYFAIR Visa & Migration Services with a rich experience is an expert and award-winning migration company offering reliable services since 1988. The company takes pride in offering personalized and tailored advice and services on visas meeting your Canadian immigration needs.

Family Immigration Process to Canada

Migration with family means more documents and procedures whether it is sponsored or not. In order to become a permanent Canadian resident, you are required to choose and submit an application on the eligibility criteria set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). A person can be eligible under different conditions such as a worker or sponsored by a family member already living in Canada. There are various types of family visa which include:

  • Spousal visa
  • Dependent child visa
  • Parental and grandparental visa
  • Common-law partner visa
  • Remaining relative visa
  • Family-based provincial nominee visa

Then, depending on the eligibility and your reason for immigration, you will have to choose from a range of programs.

Canadian Immigration Programs and Requirements

The Canadian government offers a comfortable permanent residence for Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs. However, command on English language is a requirement for migrating to Canada for most programs. Canada facilitates immigration through several programs which are:

  • Skilled worker class
  • Family sponsorship
  • Provincial nominee
  • Investors program
  • Express entry system
  • Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Irrespective of any type of visa, you will have to submit an application and only upon its acceptance, you will be able to enter Canada. Also, these programs have different requirements and procedure which only a seasoned consultant can handle adequately and escape the chances of visa cancellation.

Professional Assistance at Every Step

Residing in a country like ours, the biggest issue with immigration is the availability of complete and accurate information as well as the subject of fake migration agents. Thus, credible intelligence on immigration requirements, visa details and process, and international immigration laws and restrictions are the areas that need to be handled professionally.

Therefore, AEO collaboration with PLAYFAIR visa services makes your immigration to Canada easy with experienced consultants and reliable services to make sure that you and your family gets the correct information and guidance before and during the process. The experienced team of immigration experts also makes sure that all the matters are handled professionally and keeping in boundaries of law and secure you the visa that you require in the shortest of time.

AEO will guide you regarding which is the best and more comfortable way of getting a Canadian visa as per your qualification and your family’s. You can visit AEO Pakistan’s website for further details on how we can serve you with your immigration to Canada and get in-depth information with any of their expert consultants. With AEO, your immigration to Canada from Pakistan is just a few steps away.