Here Is Why You Should Study Smarter and Not Harder

Being a college student at times you will feel like your high school studying habits are not cutting it in college and you may find yourself often times wondering what could you be doing better in your class and on your exams.

This is quite understandable as college life is very different from high school life. In college, you will find that the professors are less personally involved and the classes are extensive and rigorous with more intensive reading. This in no way means that there is something wrong with you and it just means that you need to change your study habits to something more effective. Luckily, there are various effective studying strategies available that have proved to be very effective for college students. 

This guide offers various tips on studying smartly. Using these tips in your study routine will help in effective studying and you can also learn efficiently from your course material. You can experiment with these tips and find out on your own which works the best for you.

Active Engaging

Reading is an essential part of pre-studying but should not be considered studying as learning requires actively engaging in the given material. With the help of actively engaging, you will be able to develop meaning from the text and thereby linking it to your lectures. Highlighting the text, rote memorization or re-reading the material is not a part of active studying but these activities can help you keep yourself engaged in the task. 

Planning and organizing before beginning with your studies is an essential part of studying smartly and you will be able to study your courses actively through this. If you are studying for a test begin by organizing your material first followed by actively reviewing the topic for the test. You can organize the topics with the help of the sub-topics that your professor may guide you about. You can also label each pile of documents by the name of the topic in order to study smartly. 

Distributed Practice 

One of the most important learning strategies that have proven to be the most impact is spacing out your studies over several days and weeks. Working for a short time on your course topics every day during or after the class is also very effective as you will be able to learn the information more deeply while also being to retain the facts for the long term. Distributed practice is a guaranteed way to getting an On your finals. The important factor is how you utilize your study time and not for how long you have studied. It has been proven that longer studying sessions can lead to a lack of concentration which has an impact on the lack of learning and retention ability of the brain. 

Studying Intensively

You should bear in mind that not all your studying will be equal. Certain topics will require you to study them intensively while others will not. Intensive studying sessions have a shorter duration of time with minimal wasting of effort and getting the most amount of work done. It is more effective than drawn-out studying and you will likely be able to accomplish more with intensive studying where needed. 

Be Your Own Teacher

This is an effective studying strategy; all you have to do in this is try to explain the topic in your own words. This strategy can work effectively if you practice this in a study group, on your own or with your study partner. Loudly saying the topic material will help you determine where you are confused and require help. It will also help you to retain more information. While you are explaining the material try to use examples and also make connections between the concepts, you can also take help from the notes in your hand. In the beginning, you will need the help of your notes for explaining the material but with the time you will be able to explain the topic without requiring your notes. 

Spending hours on a topic while pouring facts from the textbooks can end up making you more confused than how you were in the beginning. We are hopeful that after reading this guide you have learned the importance of studying smarter instead of harder and studying for tests will no longer be a task with no end to it.