How Can I Clear My IELTS Test In First Attempt ?

Well, the IELTS exam tests your English language abilities. So, having proficiency in English language skills can make taking the test easier a lot for you. On the flip side, having below-par English skills can make your IELTS exam even more challenging for you.

Here, keep remembering that paying heed to the prep material off the internet or out of books solely is not the best way for exam preparation. Wondering which way to go then?

In this article, we are going to tell you some useful tips which can help you ace your IELTS even in the first attempt. Read on.

Improving Your English:

Undoubtedly, learning a language is a time-consuming process. In this regard, taking an English language course can facilitate you in the best manner.

This is because you can improve your specific skills regarding English speaking, reading, listening, and writing with the help of your coach’s feedback. In fact, a proven way for improving your English and consequently your IELTS score is to write, listen, and speak English as often as possible for you.

To serve this purpose well; you need

  • Talking in English with your family and friends
  • Listening to English language television, film as well as radio. Try listening to various English accents with the inclusion of British, American, Canadian, New Zealand, and Australian.
  • Reading publications in English wherever possible.
  • Writing notes, letters, or emails in English for practicing your written skills.

 Getting Acquainted With the Test Format And Rules:

  •  Get acquainted with the format of the test. Keep in mind that IELTS comprises of the following two versions:
  • IELTS Academic
  • IELTS General Training

For both tests, the Speaking and the Listening sections are the same, but the Writing and the Reading parts are different.

  • The candidate’s booklet gives essential information regarding the way of responding to each section of the test correctly. Therefore, you need reading it carefully. Moreover, you can get its copy too from your IELTS test center.
  • Read the Notice to candidates carefully.
  • Understand the meaning of each IELTS band score’s level.
  • Read the assessment criteria to get to know what the test-takers are looking for in the Writing and Speaking tests.
  • Believe only on facts and not on rumors and myths about the test to avoid distraction.

 Practicing Sample Questions:

  •  You can use the free IELTS test sample questions for practice.
  • Make use of the Official IELTS Practice Materials, which you can buy from your local test center or online as well.

 Joining an IELTS Preparation Course:

 Joining a preparation course will facilitate you in:

  • Practicing the type of tasks that an IELTS test include (for example a letter/short essay for the Writing test)
  • Getting feedback on your answers for practicing questions
  • Boosting your confidence in your test-taking skills
  • Helping you to decide if you are prepared for taking your IELTS test

 Feeling Relaxed Before Your Test Day:

  •  Take the time to refresh your memory of the format, rules, and location of the test for staying relaxed the day right before your IELTS test.
  • Once again, read the info for the candidate’s booklet. This includes essential information for helping you do your best.
  • Read the Notice to Candidates for ensuring you know the rules of the test.
  • Get enough rest the night before your test day.