How do I pass ielts writing test with minimal or no efforts:

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a testing system that grades your language skills based on listening, reading, writing, speaking.

To pass an ielts test with minimal efforts one should have practiced well before appearing. One must study high quality well scripted articles in general interest, magazines, books or newspapers. 

One should underline or mark difficult vocabulary items and try to figure out their meaning by searching in the dictionary. The more words you are exposed to is going help you in improving fluency. Once you have heard the new word practice using it. Record and Highlight complex sentence structures and apply what you have learned on a daily basis and make it a practice. Choose topics which are of your interest. Use a variety of practice questions and try writing within both the time and word limits and try to be consistent in your efforts, let’s not procrastinate as it stops you from trying to achieve proficiency.

Proper dictionary or web portal is required for making sure that you are learning from a credible source, as much as you read every time you feel there is something new to understand to get a whole idea or theme of that content. Writing skills are enhanced by practicing sentence structure by making new sentences again and again or by searching synonyms of difficult words and trying to put them every time in a new sentence.

Practice writing more and more to improve speed and never write answers below the minimum length furthermore, analyze and assess questions carefully. Make a paragraph plan in mind before you write it on paper. Check prudently that one has attempted all parts of the questions well. Always leave some time for counter checking to edit or make amendments in writing.

Important Tips:

Focus on improving vocabulary for that Record expressions and phrases.

Use a dictionary to check proper word arrangement.

Don’t try to use much fancy words in the first go without practicing.

Do a repeated practice by writing and talking about them.

Take help from different websites.