How do I Prepare for A1 IELTS Test In Pakistan?

Everyone who’s anyone is struggling to get an international Visa so they’d have a chance at better life opportunities. However, making your dreams come true is not always an easy task. Applying for an international Visa requires one to show their English listening and speaking skills so that they won’t have to face any problems related to communication abroad.

Passing IELTS is not a piece of cake for every Pakistani. Many people have to forget their dreams and wishes due to their inadequacy at passing IELTS. If you’re also one of those people who fear that they might not be able to qualify for their Visa abroad, we’re here to make your task easier, and your dreams come true. So, go ahead and read on to discover some fantastic ways of preparing for the IELTS test in Pakistan with the help of one and only AEO

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Improve your English listening and speaking skills

Try to use English more in your everyday routine, doing so will enable you to develop better language skills. Also, speaking a language more often allows a person to develop fluency in that language. You can also enhance your language skills by watching Hollywood movies or listening to English songs instead of the songs in your native language. All this listening and speaking will help you pass the face-to-face speaking and listening test.

Practice with sample papers

Being Pakistanis, we’ve passed all our board examinations with the help of past papers that made our lives much easier. Similar is the case with IELTS. It is important for you to know the basics with the help of past sample papers that are available on

Know the method of assessment

The central point that is important for good preparation is knowing the ways in which you will be assessed in the test. AEO would help you in understanding the four ways of assessment that are used in an IELTS test. After all, knowing what lies ahead is always helpful.

Make use of the free support material available on our website

If you’re looking for some free help and support online, but are unable to find it, is your destination point. All that you need to know beforehand is provided, with the inclusion of vital information like the time duration of the test, what happens during the test, and sample papers for both levels; A1 and B1.

The day before the test

Re-read the information provided to the candidates in the Notice to Candidates and the Candidates Booklet. Make sure that you have fully understood the format of the test, as well as the rules. Furthermore, keep practicing your speaking and listening skills, but don’t forget to take enough rest the night before so that you’d be relaxed during the test.

The day of the test

Before leaving your house, make sure that you’ve got all the important things with you, such as your National Identity Card and your Passport. In addition to this, keep your stationary items with you and don’t forget to stay calm.

AEO is a trusted institute that offers quality preparatory material to all the candidates who want to try their luck to get an international Visa. It has made its own name and has a got a higher rank as amongst the top immigration services provider in Pakistan. So, if you still haven’t started preparing for your test, wait no more and visit our website for some useful tips and thorough guidance or contact us today. We are looking forward to hearing from you.