How Ielts Bands Scores are calculated

We are sharing with you how a candidate is assessed, what are the parameters on which an examiner’s test is marked

The IELTS scores are between 0 and 9. You will get a band score for each skill listening, reading, writing and speaking. The overall band score is the average score of all skills. If your overall score is an average of 5.25, your score will be increased to 5.5, if your overall score is an average of 6.1 your score will be decrease to 6.0, your score is rounded up or down to the nearest 0.5.

What Bands 0-9 depicts:

Band 0: candidate did not show his/her presence to the examination center: null information

Band 1: Naive: Not able to communicate skillfully.

Band 2: Intermittent: unable to understand well and converse proficiently except conveying most basic information with few words.

Band 3: Very limited user: Communicate with frequent pauses having a little command over language and is able to convey very basic and general meaning of situations.

Band 4: Limited User: Candidate is not able to use complex sentence structure in speech and have problem in understanding expression

Band 5: Moderate User: Candidate however maintains a basic communication with some mistakes which shows his partial command over language with repeated sentences.

Band 6: Competent User: Candidate despite of having inaccuracies gets engaged in conversation with an effective command can use and understand fairly complex language

Band 7: Good User: Handles complex language with infrequent errors and inappropriate words but understands well

Band 8: Very good User: have an adequate command over language, makes rare mistakes deals well in a detailed argumentation and complex reasoning

Band 9: Expert User: Candidate has full operational command with an effective use of language proficient and show complete understanding

Writing Test

The writing test is marked by highly qualified and competent ielts examiners, who are well trained and ensure the authenticity of marking no matter where in the world test is conducted there is assurance of accuracy and fairness.

Speaking Test

IELTS test is like a conversation that you would have in your daily routine. The candidate sits in a room with an expert examiner who engages the candidate in conversation.

Reading Test

In this variety of 40 questions are included for instance true/false/not given, multiple choice questions, matching headings and sentence completion. Candidate gets one mark for each correct answer with no negative marking for wrong answer

Listening test

In this candidate has to answer 40 questions that are in accordance to audio clips that will be played, candidate has to listen and answer immediately on answer sheet as no conversation is played again, again no marks are deducted for wrong answers and one mark is given for each correct answer

Overall band score:

The overall band score is the average of above four components.

listening Reading Writing Speaking Average  Band score
Examine 6.5 6.5 5 7 6.25 6.5