How To Become Immigrant Of Canada

If you want to become part of the Canada there are several ways, but everyone is looking for the safest and easiest way.

After getting review from people around the world who have tried to go to Canada, or who have recently became the resident of Canada, we have gather the following information, but before moving to the ways of moving to it we have found Three Characteristics that you should have which are Skillful, Rich or highly Qualified in your high school. And if have managed to get one of the three thing you can get lucky sooner than 90% of the people applying for it.

Easiest Way to get Canadian Nationality:

  • In last five years, we have observed that Canadian government is demanding for skilled workers, even without degree because for them they have to pay less and as their operations are increasing day by day they need more workers throughout their industry. And because if this express entry program is launched and application is proceed within six months.


  • The Second and most easy way to get the immigration is that you are rich, and they are willing to process your application, because it will automatically increase the Cash Inflow of the country. And Canadian government thinks that it that a rich and renowned personality will bring business to the country and it will benefit Canada in all the sectors. i.e. Generate Tax Revenue, Jobs for the people, Increase in research and Technology, and last but not the least it will create more jobs for the people of the Canada which will directly decrease unemployment rate of the country.
  • Now the people come who are Highly Qualified and are or can be rising resource for the economy. They can apply for the permanent residential ship to the Canada, once any of the Multinational Company or any local industry hires them and like their work and want them carry on with them. This is because they don’t want their unemployment rate to rise, because this increase crime and therefore Canada is one the country with least crime rate. For this simply you have to apply for the job and prove yourself. Than you can apply for immigration and you have an increase chances to be resident of the country.
  • There is another option which might be expensive for the people who live in country with weak economy. This is because the option Canada gives is to apply for student Visa, by this anyone who has completed his High School and looking for higher education can visit Canada for their Quality Higher Education and complete their study there. And there is also a cheap way which is to get 100% Scholarship if you are a great student. This will be way cheaper for people of the country having weak economy. And for getting immigration the students studying there have to pass with good grades and should not be a thread to the country in any way. And if his/her records are clear then their request for immigration will be accepted and they will become part of Canada.
  • The people who have Athletic skills and are creative or can provide services; they are also known as Self-Employed people. In the whole world they are very appreciated, because they are not and will not be burden to the economy, in opposite to this, it will increase the Tax Revenue. For this people who are self-employed or have athletic skills have to apply to the Canadian embassy and have to prove them self.
  • The last but on the least which is a long process which is, that if you have a close relative out there and they want to call you, so they can apply on your behalf, but it is considered as the slowest and the longest procedure which include many a lot of documentations and proof, but it is the safest to go through this procedure.

Apart from this the other ways include marrying a Canadian national, or go as an refugee if you have threads in your country and the most favorable is going to any scheme or promotion offer which are provided after year or two which welcome people from 3rd world country people in their country so they can raise their standard of living this is the Corporate social responsibility of every country.