How To Get A Scholarship To Study In Australia?

Australia is the 3rd most popular destination among international students. No, the 10,000 beaches do not own all the credit for this solely nor do the laid-back lifestyle, rather the credit goes to the world-class education and research giants.

Not to forget that out of all the Noble Prize Laureates, 15 were given to the world by Australia. More captivatingly, Australia has a total of 43 universities offering about 2200 courses. Thus, catering to all the types of students around the world.

Want to get an Australian-scholarship? Read on

Pakistani Students in Australia:

The influx of Pakistani students in Australia has only increased over the years. As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the first six months of 2017, the number of Pakistani students who came to Australia for study purposes was 510,348.

And this number is taking a leap every year. Wondering why? Well, the reason for this is a friendly environment, an array of scholarships and suitable job opportunities for international students.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students:

Pleasingly, the Australian government spends millions every year to offer plenty of scholarships to all international students around the globe including Pakistani Students. Some of the most popular scholarships are as follows:

  • Australia Award Scholarships
  • International Post-graduation Research Scholarship (IPRS)
  • University of Sydney International Research Scholarship
  • Melbourne Research Scholarships
  • Destination Australia Awards
  • Research Training Program
  • Macquarie University International Scholarships
  • Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)
  • The Northcote Graduate Scholarship
  • Fulbright Program

Thinking of How to Get a Scholarship to Study in Australia?

Getting a scholarship may seem like a fancy thing to many of us. It is, in fact, but it is never an easy fish to catch as the scholarships are always limited and applicants are numerous.

This creates a tough competition among applicants from all over the world. The survival of the fittest applies here as well. What steps should you take to secure that application that leads you to your dream university? Let’s have a look here:

  • Do your Research Well:

The first and the foremost thing while applying for any scholarships is thorough research. You need to steer clear of the field you are applying to and all the scholarships available.

Get to know all the information of the scholarships, who is offering to whom, how much do they cover and its duration. Always make a list of all the scholarships that you want to apply to and jot down their specifications in the first place.

  • Apply to All Available Scholarships:

This step is overlooked by many applicants. You should apply to all available universities just to be on the safer side. Often there are some scholarships that are not applicable to the course you are applying to.

Or there could be any other misfortune too. So just in case, you should apply to all of them and in the end, you can choose what suits you best.

  • Write a Convincing Application:

Your application is the thing that will present you in front of the selectors. So, you should make sure you are portraying the best image of yourself.

You should fill out the application carefully. While writing the statement you should clearly tell why you should get the scholarship out of all the applicants. How do you plan to make the best out of it and what are your future plans? What’s more? You should include all your academic achievements, extracurricular activities and your volunteer activities as well.

Pro-tip is to have it re-checked by a friend before hitting the submit button.

4 – Be Professional:

While applying for a scholarship, you should act like a professional. Make sure you are not begging while clearly stating how much you need this application.

All the documents attached should be real and should not be forged in order to get the scholarship. Because there is no means you can get through without being caught and this will reduce your chances to zero.

5-Be Part of Community:

Community service holds great significance while applying for scholarships. It may not be very important in Pakistan but it is in other countries such as Australia.

If you are an active member of community i.e., you render your services to the benefit of the community you are living in, there is a greater chance you will get the desired scholarship.

If you exhibit leadership qualities in your community (as part of a club or a sports team or as a teacher), it may also raise stakes for you getting the scholarship. Just mention these activities in your cover letter and you are good to go.

So, just follow these steps and Australian scholarship will be in the bag!