How to pay IELTS fee in Pakistan?

How to pay IELTS fee in Pakistan?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a pivotal English Language Proficiency test designed to evaluate the English language abilities of individuals who wish to study, immigrate, or work in English-speaking countries such as the UK, the USA, Australia, or New Zealand. As a critical benchmark, IELTS is often a mandatory requirement for candidates applying to universities in these countries. Furthermore, it plays a significant role in the application process for immigration and work visas, making it an indispensable step for many looking to make a substantial life change.

Understanding the financial aspect of taking the IELTS test is as important as preparing for it. Prospective test-takers should be aware of the costs associated with taking the IELTS, as these can vary depending on the test location and the type of test (Academic or General Training) they choose to take. For those looking to take the IELTS in Pakistan, detailed information on the test fee can be crucial for planning and preparation. Comprehensive details about the IELTS Fee are available to assist with this, providing candidates with the necessary information to budget for this critical step in their academic, professional, or immigration journey.

IELTS at AEO Pakistan:

Over the past more than 25 years, AEO Pakistan has been helping Pakistani students study at top-ranked international universities. AEO Pakistan has been offering IELTS testing services for over 20 years. It is recognized as one of Pakistan’s most trusted IELTS test centers with a nationwide presence, a simple and easy registration process, and friendly & cooperative customer service representatives. AEO conducts IELTS testing in the most comfortable and spacious test venues. AEO Pakistan is also the top study abroad consultant in Pakistan. AEO Pakistan offers both computer-delivered and paper-based IELTS. It also provides IELTS for UKVI and IELTS LifeSkills testing services in major cities in Pakistan. At AEO, Headphones are provided to Candidates for the listening module of the IELTS test, and candidates receive Computer-delivered IELTS test results within 3 to 5 days. Along with IELTS testing, AEO Pakistan also provides IELTS preparatory classes in its offices in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Multan.

Presently AEO Pakistan is offering IELTS testing across 18 major cities of Pakistan, including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, Sialkot, Abbottabad, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Jhelum, Bahawalpur, Swat, Mirpur, Burewala, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Swat and Mandi Bahauddin.

How do you book an IELTS test in Pakistan and pay the IELTS fee?

Many students, immigrants, and workers want to study, work, or migrate to developed countries. They must first take their IELTS test. AEO Pakistan is the official IELTS test in Pakistan, offering IELTS testing across 18 major cities. Candidates can visit AEO Pakistan’s offices or book online through AEO Pakistan’s official website for IELTS Booking and making the IELTS Fee Payment in Pakistan. AEO Pakistan offers both computer-delivered and paper-based IELTS.

IELTS Fee and Registration at AEO Pakistan:

To register for IELTS in Pakistan and pay the IELTS test fee in Pakistan, Candidates can follow these steps:

  • Visit AEO Pakistan’s website and find an IELTS test center nearest you: AEO Pakistan offers IELTS testing services across 18 major cities of Pakistan. You can find a list of test centers and contact information on the AEO Pakistan website.
  • Select city: Select the nearest city where you can appear for the IELTS test.
  • Select Module: Then select the test module you want to register for, such as the IELTS test, IELTS General Training, IELTS Academics, IELTS Life Skills A1, IELTS Life Skills B1, IELTS for UKVI, etc.
  • Select test Format: After selecting the test module, you must select the test format. Candidates have two options: one is a paper-based IELTS test, and the other is a computer-delivered IELTS test. Candidate should choose the format as per their comfort level.
  • Then click on the submit button.

How to make IELTS fee Payments to AEO Pakistan?

Candidates can pay their IELTS test fee in Pakistan through any of the following methods:

  • IELTS fee can be paid in cash at any online Branch of HBL across Pakistan. A fee challan will be sent to the candidate on the next working day after the booking.
  • IELTS fee can be paid ONLINE using KUICKPAY ID by EasyPaisa, JazzCash, Internet Banking, ATM Transfer, and Mobile App of all central banks of Pakistan. A KUICKPAY ID will be sent to the candidate on the next working day after the booking.
  • The IELTS fee can also be paid through a Credit Card when booking. (Not applicable for IELTS for UKVI and IELTS Life Skills)
  • The IELTS fee can be paid by sending/submitting a Bank Draft/Pay Order in favor of AEO Pakistan.

To register for IELTS and make an IELTS fee payment or for any related query, call UAN 111-236-000 or click here to contact AEO Pakistan.

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