IELTS Admission Test Score You Need or the Best Universities in Europe

If you want to study in Europe, Ielts will help you get there as thousands of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Phd programs are taught in English. Most of the institutions of higher education consider ielts scores as part of their entry requirement.

This test is a gateway to give a true picture of one’s own credibility to understand, read, write and speak English.

Government authorities consider Ielts score as the most logical parameter of testing individuals’ ability to communicate in English. For admission of   undergraduates program (bachelor’s level) minimum score requirement is 5.5 or 6.0 whereas for post graduates (Master’s or Phd level) minimum score is 6.5 or 7.0 but it may differ according to various institutions


Top ten European Universities and IELTS requirement:

Where to study is surely the hardest part for a student to find out depending upon the field of study. European countries have amazing universities and a lot of them offer outstanding international programs and few top universities with their ielts requirement are listed below:

  1. University of Granada –Spain: Minimum band score required 6.5. The university of Granada has become one of the major  intellectual centre it serves students from all over the world who want to get knowledge of  Spanish language and culture
  1. Hellenic American University-Greece: Minimum band score required 6.5. It is one of the best universities in Europe allows the students to get a personalized feel for their studies
  1. Maastricht University-The Netherlands: Minimum band score required 6.5. One of the highest ranking universities in Netherland this university is known for its high quality research and social engagement programs
  1. Salzburg College-Austria Minimum band score required 6.0. It is a small private institution that rewards students with big rewards
  1. Corvinus University of Budapest-Hungary Minimum band score required 6.5. One of the best university for students studying business or social science related fields
  1. University of Stirling-Scotland Minimum band score required 6.5. This university is a great platform for adventure seekers
  1. Florence University of the Arts- Italy Minimum band score required 6.5. The University of Florence would be anyone’s first choice if one has made up mind to study arts abroad
  1. University of Leeds-England Minimum band score required 6.0 The University of Leeds facilitates you with classic English experience and is one of the University that allows the international students to live in the same halls as locals
  1. Humboldt University of Berlin Minimum band score required 6.5 Humboldt University was given the name ‘mother o all modern Universities it provides students with an all around humanist education.

10. Paris Institute of Creative Arts-France Minimum band score required 5.5 or above. This European university focuses on the interaction of students with their surroundings which means they allow students to go out the university premises and explore the city by themselves.