IELTS – Your Gateway To Canadian Immigration

International English language Testing System (IELTS) is the most widely known English language proficiency test for migration all over the world. Higher education in Canada also demands qualification in this test. Moreover, job placements also require language assessment in the shape of IELTS. This test has been developed and governed by the world’s leading language gurus and experts.

Notably, every year the number of IELTS attempts across the world is increasing. In 2018, there were more than three million candidates who took part in this test to assess their selves for different domains. The test is designed to prepare candidates for the sort of language spoken in daily routine and to familiarize the cultural values of the language. All English-speaking countries affiliate this test and recommend this before enrolling any students or employee.

The specialty of the test is that it is organized in such a brilliant way that a candidate can cover all English language variations. For instance, British, Australian and American English accents as well as context.

The Mechanism of IELTS

The English language has now become a benchmark for every non-English speaker who wants to earn a higher education degree. Despite learning English at primary level, a candidate has to pass the IELTS if he/she doesn’t belong to an English-speaking country and wants to move abroad.

Notably, the governing body assesses a candidate on four different modules of language. These are

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

What’s more, every module has its own competencies and requires a different kind of assessment procedures.

  • Categories

Following categories describe different nature of IELTS. The experts have divided the test according to the positioning of a candidate in an institute or organization.

  • IELTS General

If a candidate only wants to move to an English language country or wants to train under an organization for work, he or she must follow the IELTS general. It was designed for better communication between employees and co-workers.

  • IELTS Academic

As the name suggests, the candidates having the objective of studying under a university for a higher qualification must undertake the IELTS academic. It will prepare an individual to communicate better with fellows and understand the foreign course material in a good manner.

How to prepare the test?

Preparing test is not necessary you as can directly apply for the test without any preparation. But it is not recommended because overconfidence can cost you both money and time. Thus, it is recommended to make preparation for the test before attempting it.

Although many institutes offer training for IELTS preparations, you can choose any one of them. Make sure that the quality and reputation of the institute is good. To serve this purpose, you can take advantage of free material on the internet, sample test questions, candidate booklets or notes. Additionally, take the dummy test and assess your own self. Once you feel confident enough for the test just goes for it.

The Scoring Criteria

Different IELTS score is required for passing each IELTS test. Mainly, the IELTS score you need to pass depends on your visa requirements and the Canadian institute or organization where you plan to work or study.

According to Express Entry, the lowest score required for getting selected for immigration to Canada is around 440-460 CRS. If you don’t have the required CRS points, you won’t be selected for immigration. Moreover, a lot of CRS points depend on an individual’s IELTS score, as it tests one’s language proficiency.

Now, IELTS score is based on how many CLB points you achieve. So, if you manage to get CLB 7 in IELTS, you can have a total of 363 CRS points, require that you’re under 30 years of age, have a Master’s degree, as well as three years of professional work experience. In this case, you’d get 110 CRS points for your age and 135 points for your education.

Similarly, if you manage to score around CLB 8 in IELTS, you have 387 total CRS points. Whereas, having CLB 9 in IELTS means a total of 469 CRS points.

So, if you really want to immigrate to Canada, make sure you study hard for your upcoming IELTS test so to let your dream of living in Canada come true.