In What Potential Ways CD IELTS Can Be Beneficial for You?

The International English Language Testing System worldwide known as IELTS is increasingly getting popularity as an English language proficiency proof. Just in case you want to take admission in a European university or in Australia, you have to pass this test in the first place. Apart from this, passing the IELTS is also an obligation if you want to register for a government agency’s visa or apply to foreign business firms. As a whole, it is essential in accomplishing your goals with regard to academia, the profession as well as life.  

In addition to the traditional paper-based mode of taking IELTS, you can now take it on the computer as well. The choice is yours to choose the befitting mode. Wait a moment! Read on to discover the potential benefits you can get by going for CD IELTS, prior to making your decision:  

Get Faster Results:

Well if you don’t want to wait a bit longer for the results than the usual, CD IELTS is your cup of tea.  By taking CD IELTS, you can get your test report just within five to seven days and this is a significant advantage of it.  

Check Out the Similarities and Differences:

There is no difference in the format of CD IELTS and the paper-based one. The main difference lies in using a computer for CD IELTS whereas a pencil/pen in the later one. Another important thing with regard to CD IELTS is that it only offers listening, reading, and writing tests and is exclusive of the speaking part. The reason behind its exclusiveness is to essentially keep the one-on-one interaction between the IELTS examiner and the candidate, authentic as well as natural.  

However, some people prefer taking paper-based IELTS as it could be a more convenient way for them.   In the end, the choice is exclusively yours, so choose the most suitable test type for you.

When it comes to IELTS tests in Pakistan, AEO is now offering the preparatory classes for the computer-delivered (CD) IELTS test. As mentioned earlier, it’s up to you to take the paper-based IELTS test or CD IELTS. However, CD IELTS can appear a big blessing to those who find trouble in writing on a paper or who have bad handwriting.

All things considered, CD-IELTS can work best for those having handwriting like chicken scratch.