Is There Any Difference Between AEO IELTS And British Council IELTS?

IELTS is a necessary step to become eligible in order to study abroad. In Pakistan, there are 2 IELTS services providers who administer the IELTS tests and scores from both providers are accepted worldwide. However, the issue of similarities and differences between the 2 always remain questionable. Therefore, this article is an attempt to answer this question.

Similarities between AEO IELTS and British Council IELTS

Although, it is considered that both IELTS administrators differ in their services and procedures while the in-depth review of their operations show that both follow a similar system. Let’s dig a little deeper to identify the similarities.

Test Centers

Both IELTS administrators manage test centers in Pakistan’s major cities. AEO Pakistan offers three to four IELTS tests per month and run test centers in cities including Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad representing their provinces. British Council, on the other hand, has test centers in more cities but it also offers three to four tests a month in the same cities as does AEO Pakistan and only offers 1 test a month in other cities.

Categories of IELTS Tests

There are two types of IELTS test available, including General (training) and Academic IELTS. IELTS Academic is for students seeking to study abroad for higher education while IELTS General is for individuals pursuing to migrate to countries like Australia, UK, Canada or applying for work opportunities in states where English is the first language. Both AEO Pakistan and British Council offer these test types with the same format and procedures.

Preparation Courses and Training

Both AEO Pakistan and British Council provide IELTS preparation classes and resources to get ready for tests. The IELTS preparatory courses and classes include comprehensive and professional counseling and assistance to students and also provide online resources, including samples in academic writing, reading, listening, and speaking practices.

IELTS Test Format

IELTS tests are designed and aimed to grade English language expertise in all four aspects of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Therefore, the test is sectioned in these four primary segments, while different tests are taken to measure the English language abilities in a total time length of fewer than 3 hours.

Depending on their nature, IELTS Academic and IELTS General differ in writing and reading portions, however, they have the same speaking and listening segments. And both AEO Pakistan and British Council conduct the tests in the same way with reading, writing, and listening tests performed on the same day while the speaking tests are performed on a different date.

IELTS tests are also available in paper-based, and a computer-based exam and both providers offer both tests conducting formats.

AEO Pakistan and British Council Registration Process For IELTS

Registration stage is the final phase, which comes when you are confident of your preparation for all test modules and ready to deliver the test. Registration process offered by both testing providers is quite similar. Online booking service is also provided by both the AEO and British Council for applicants’ convenience.

The applicant downloads the application form from their website and reserves a seat online as well as physically visiting the office to register in person. Both providers require the same documents to advance registration process, including CNIC copy, duly filled form, and bank draft/pay order.

In the case of online testing, you have to choose the test city, module, check availability, and register. The online test procedure will cover all the sections except the speaking part and both AEO Pakistan and British Council both follow the same process when it comes to online testing.

AEO Pakistan and British Council Provides Similar Opportunities

Therefore, it can be comfortably maintained that only differences between the 2 are testing locations and examination dates while the rest of the details remain the same including the format, test conduction, and procedure as well as the registration process.