Minimum Bands Required To Qualify IELTS

What is IELTS:

IELTS is the most famous internationally conducted test for English assessment by both AEO and British council. The test is recognized internationally as well as accepted by almost all countries of the world.

If you are planning to go abroad for work or studies, your application will not be considered complete unless you have the required IELTS score.

Sections in IELTS Exam:

There are two types of IELTS exams such as the Academic and the General Training. All tests have the same syllabus and marks distribution. Each candidate is given three hours to complete their IELTS exam that is Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The final score is going to be commutative of these four sections. There are a total of nine bands in IELTS exam. The minimum band you need to qualify IELTS depends upon the country in which you are planning to apply.

Minimum IELTS Bands that is required for Admission:

IELTS is important to get admission in US, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. There is a different requirement of minimum bands to qualify IELTS in every country. It also depends on which degree the candidate wants to enroll themselves in. Every University and country criteria are different from the other but overall 7 Band out of 9 is considered a good score in IELTS. You can look up the top universities of US and UK.

Average IELTS Band that is required worldwide:

Your IELTS score plays a huge part in your admission application. If you do not have the required IELTS score, you will most likely not get an admission in your desired course. Every country has its own criteria. The average score which is considered for undergraduate admission is 5.5 to 6 Bands overall. For postgraduate, you should be overall 6.5 Bands to get admission in any country where the IELTS required.

IELTS Bands required for admission in MBA in the UK:

If you have minimum 5.5 Bands overall and same in all thesections, then that you can apply for student VISA and Admission in the UK recognized universities. In UK top universities, the minimum Band to qualify IELTS is 7.0 overall and it is the same in all skills but the universities also allow students with minimum 5.5 Bands overall for BS/MS program admission in the US.

The minimum score required to get admission in US is 6.5 Bands overall as well as the same in each section. Many US universities like Harvard Business school demands minimum 7.5 Bands overall in the IELTS exam. Your score depicts your competency as well as your grip on International Language. Students failed to get the required minimum score do not get admission in the US.

Minimum IELTS Bands for Canada undergraduate/graduate course admissions:

In Canada, minimum IELTS Bands requirements are different for undergraduate and graduate courses. If you are applying for an Undergraduate course, you need minimum 5.5 Bands overall as well as 6.0 Bands in each skill. If you want to apply for a postgraduate course, you need minimum 6.5 Bands overall as well as 6.0 Bands in each skill.

Minimum IELTS Bands required for various programs admission in Australia:

Australia is the destination of majority of talented students of the World. You can look for the best career opportunities in Australia after your studies have finished. There are also many scholarships available in Australia. To get admission in IELTS, you need a minimum of 5.5 Bands overall. But if you are applying in the top institutes of Australia, you need a minimum of 6.5-8.0 Bands overall as per the need of the desired institute.