Minimum IELTS Score for Canadian Immigration


To understand IELTS, know that it abbreviates to English Language Testing System and is the most renown and widely accepted standardized proficiency test among almost all native English speaking countries. It is taken by millions of people across the world each year. 

The main objective of the exam is to gauge your English language proficiency in terms of speaking, listening, reading as well as writing in workspace or simply a general environment. It is a well structured examination which is accepted and recognized by many governments and firms. 

The IELTS given particularly for Canadian immigration purposes is marked using a system called Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) which is a national Canadian standard of measurement and assessment to classify the points scored in each part of the IELTS by the examine into levels. 

The highest possible CLB level is 10, awarded to those whose listening, speaking, writing and reading have been acknowledged to be specifically outstanding from the average other test takers.   

The Scoring System and CLB Level

The IELTS consists of four parts or components in which the examiner’s reading, listening, writing and speaking are separately put to the test. The least level mandatory for an admission in the federal skilled worker programmer of the IELTS is level 7 which can be acquired with an average of 6 points in each category. The more the points, the higher the Canadian Level Benchmark would be. 

The points accumulated from every part of the IELTS exam then deduce the CLB level a person has scored. In concise terms, the CLB is a system devised by Canada to simplify the ability of the IELTS candidates to communicate and understand in English so as to gauge their suitability of being provided with an Express Entry. 

However, the English proficiency is not the only aspect judged when getting clearance for Canadian Express Entry. Factors such as age, working experience, level of education as well as marital status are taken well into consideration. 

Getting a CLB 4 or lower would result in no score being awarded. And an average of 6 is the requirement for IELTS to score 4 points in the sub-category and secure a CLB 7. 


The IELTS Parts/Sections

Most of the examination is done hand-written by the examiners with the exception of the Speaking section. Each of the four parts have limited allocated duration’s, with no room for extra time. The Speaking part consists of 11 to 14 minutes being the shortest one. The Writing section is an hour long section with 40 questions with each question containing one mark. 

Next up is the listening part of the test which includes a further 4 sections to it, also with 40 questions and one mark each. And lastly the reading component in which the candidate is allowed one hour. 

This are the bare minimum IELTS score required for Canadian immigration but striving for a higher CLB level is always helpful to the process of acquiring Worker’s Permit or permanent residency