The holy month of Ramazan is about to begin; it is a month synonym for endless blessings and goodwill. The holy month of Ramazan teaches us compassion and makes us realize the importance of benevolence and brotherly care. With Ramazan’s arrival, every believing soul strives to take part in activities that demonstrate brotherly love and kindness. In these acts of warmth, AEO Pakistan intends to take an active role and express its solidarity with the community.

To be the part of Ramazan’s blessings, AEO Pakistan has announced special Ramazan packages for IELTS. Australian Education Office (AEO) in Pakistan has been working to provide professional and comprehensive counseling and assistance to students anticipating to study abroad since 1977. And so it has earned the name for being one of the most credible and authentic ‘Global and Australian Education Specialists.’

Having its roots in promoting Australian education, AEO Pakistan also offers expert migration services to several global top study destinations and IELTS testing services.


It is the core of AEO Pakistan’s ideology to facilitate education abroad, and IELTS is the key for the students to be accepted by more than 145 countries. Therefore, AEO Pakistan is the official administrator of IELTS testing services in Pakistan and also provides preparatory courses, classes, and professional help. It has been the core purpose of AEO to make candidates’ IELTS experience meaningful and comfortable. To fulfill its pursuit, AEO Pakistan manages to come up with ideas that ease the IELTS students financially and emotionally such as this Ramazan specials.

AEO IELTS and Ramazan Offering

Each year, AEO Pakistan does something different to make Ramazan special for its students and enrolled candidates. And so this year the tradition continues with a warm welcome to Ramazan and a special Ramazan package at IELTS.

This Ramazan, AEO Pakistan has announced free shopping vouchers worth up to 20,000 rupees to take an active part in the blessings of the holiest of months. The special offer is for IELTS candidates who book their IELTS with AEO Pakistan between 15th of April and 15th of June.

With their registration, the candidates will enter the draw and get a chance to be among the lucky winners of exclusive HyperStar shopping vouchers. There will be a total of 9 winners and vouchers will offer different monetary values. The Ramazan special offer is not limited to AEO IELTS students only, but it covers and solely intended towards the individuals who register with AEO Pakistan to sit in IELTS. The details of the coupons and the offers are mentioned in detail.

Vouchers worth 20,000: Three lucky winners will be awarded shopping vouchers worth rupees 20,000 to shop at HyperStar exclusively.

Vouchers worth 10,000: There will be six winners to win the shopping vouchers worth rupees 10,000.

A little Note from AEO Pakistan

The Ramazan special package is a small gift to our IELTS candidates and an attempt to seek Allah Almighty’s blessings. So, register with AEO between these dates, be a part of AEO Pakistan’s community and give us a chance to show our solidarity with you. Also, do not forget others in your happy moments.

If you wish for more information, visit the AEO Pakistan’s website or call our hotline and learn in detail regarding the special Ramazan offer and IELTS service. Our professional consultants will ensure that you have every bit of information regarding your concerns, our promotions, and IELTS services. Thus, book your IELTS with AEO Pakistan and take the first step towards success with its carefully developed IELTS preparatory courses, expert counseling, and advice.

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