RD’s Message

Australia is a close study destination for students from the Asia-Pacific region. This makes it cheaper to get to, easier to return home during vacations and makes it possible for family members to visit during stay of a student or at graduation. Australian institutions should be the first choice of Pakistani Students as it is for many international students from the Asia-Pacific and an increasingly attractive destination for students from North America and Europe. Many thousands of international students are studying in Australian universities. Australian institutions are sensitive to your religious and cultural needs and provide a range of support and monitoring services to help you. The cost of studying in Australia compares favorably with other destination countries for international students. A recent Australian Government study found that in terms of total costs (which include tuition fees and living expenses) the US and UK are consistently more expensive than Australia. Australia is a safe country compared to almost anywhere in the world. Crime and political unrest are limited in Australia. Your study plans and progress are not likely to be upset by political turmoil. Australia is one of the world’s most harmonious multicultural societies. Australians are open, friendly people and you will find a warm welcome in Australia.

Australia offers an internationally recognized education and training system providing world class opportunities for international students. Major employers and professional organizations around the world recognize Australian qualifications.  Australia is continually refining and redefining its education and training system while retaining the best of traditional values, such as the pastoral care of students and excellence in scholarship.

Australian universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering a broad range of disciplines ranging from the humanities and computing to engineering, health sciences and law. Australia’s public and private vocational education and training institutions deliver training ranging from accounting and applied science to business studies, marketing, hospitality and tourism which is responsive to your needs and those of industry. Australian institutions use leading-edge technologies and learning programs, which promote flexible and innovative approaches to teaching and research.

We have our doors open to prospective students and their parents at Australian Education Office, I am sure you will appreciate the facilities provided and the help extended by our cordial staff.