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UOW is offering free packaged English courses

UOW is offering free packaged English courses

UOW is offering up to 30 eligible students the chance to win a packaged English course for free. Students will experience remotely delivered lectures in preparation for their academic program at UOW or UOW College.

Students must tell us in 100 words or less how an ETS course at UOW College will best prepare them for their studies in 2021.

To be eligible for this bursary, the student must have:

·         A valid offer to ETS12 Summer intake commencing 2 November 2020 or, 

·         A valid offer to ETS12 intake 8 commencing 9 November 2020 or, 

·         A valid offer to ETS6 intake 1 commencing 6 January 2021 

·         Packaged with a valid offer to a UOW or UOW College course commencing 2021 

Students will have up until midnight Sunday 25 October to apply. If they are awarded the bursary, they will be notified by October 30. Students must accept their new offer and pay the required deposit for their UOW or UOW College academic course reflected on their offer letter, no later than Monday November 2.

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