Studying In Australia With Or Without Scholarship?

Over the last few years, Australia has become a dream destination for students from all over the world. Kudos to its exemplary education system and research giants! The world is forever thankful for the gifts of Australian research such as IVF, bionic ear, Ultrasound, vaccines for cervical cancer and the list goes on.

Apart from this, the laid-back lifestyle of Australian Nationals and the natural wonders are also the reasons that make Australia, the third most popular country in the world among international students. As a matter of fact, this country has so much to offer and the good thing is, it’s pretty simple and easy to Study in Australia.

Wondering how? Well, choosing the right university, right course and you are all in.

As they say not everything comes easy, such is the case here. Australia has a total of 43 universities only and all of them are one above the other. The only thing that becomes a barrier to get into these universities is financial instability.

The good news is that there are many funding options available for students. The most popular is a wide range of scholarships offered by the Australian government and respective universities.

How About Studying With Scholarships?

Australia has eight universities that have made it to the list of top 100 universities of the world. The fee structure of Australian university swings between 7000 AUD and 40,000AUD per annum. That is a very wholesome amount not everyone can afford to pay. But that does not mean that the deserving students should forget their dream to study in one of the world’s top universities.

Luckily, there is a vast variety of scholarships offered by the Australian government and universities themselves that cater to the needs of all students. You should run a thorough research and you can live your dream. If there is an opportunity available one should definitely go for it.

Scholarships Offered By Universities:

Here is a list of some of the popular scholarships for international students:

1- University of Sydney International Research Scholarships (USydIS)

2- University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships

3- Macquarie University International Scholarships

4- Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)

5- Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships

Scholarships Offered By the Australian Government:

Here are a few top scholarships awarded to international students by the Australian government:

1- Australia Awards

2- Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP)

3- Destination Australia

4- Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship

All of these scholarships are easy to apply via the internet. It just takes a little time, effort and patience and you can cut your fee by half with the help of these scholarships. Compelling, isn’t it?

And How Does it Work in Case of Without Scholarships?

Frankly speaking, it is not the tuition fee that you have to manage only. There come living costs after that and then transport, food, stationery, and many other expenses.

According to a source, living in Australia can cost you 20,000 AUD per year. Whoa! That’s huge though. So, if you are ready to spend this much amount along with tuition fee that is purely your own choice. The scholarships are for those deserving students who cannot afford to pay the hefty fee.

Now Let’s Come to The Bottom Line:

It is advisable to every deserving student out there to opt for a scholarship and lessen your financial burden a bit. This is because the Australian scholarships are purely designed to meet your all types of financial issues. And that’s something to be grateful for. What do you say about it?