What is TRF Verification System?

Test Report Form (TRF) is an official document giving details about the results acquired by an applicant in an IELTS examination whereas TRF verification system is a system of ensuring that the IELTS applicant is showing an authentic IELTS TRF, and is allowed to declare the level of English language ability presented on it. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most extensive examinations given by international students for the attainment of admission in the foreign universities offering courses in the English language.  

Who Can Avail the Services of TRF Verification System?

All firms acknowledging the International English Language Testing System and using it as an element of their admissions, staffing and application processes are capable of registering for the use of the services offered by IELTS TRF verification system. However, this system is not for firms offering added services to customers, for example, travel as well as migration agents. The firms are capable of verifying that the Test Report Form is a legitimate IELTS certificate and the information on it matches the information in the official records by cross-verifying the information on the IELTS TRF they obtained with the data from the verification system. The firms can check the authenticity regarding the IELTS document with the help of free online verification system, which is a safe and user-friendly tool for confirming test results.

How to Use The TRF Verification System?

The services of TRF verification system can be availed by registering online. Three steps for the registration of the use of the services of TRF verification system are detailed out below:

Step One

The first step is the nomination of the personnel by organizational/institutional management for the application of top-level right to use the TRF verification service, which is called supervisor access. The chosen supervisor is then required to fill the Administrator Application Form completely. However, the form can be downloaded online. It is emphatically recommended that the selected supervisor must go through all terms, conditions and data security and confidentiality declaration before signing the form.

Step Two

The next step is the provision or attachment of a supplementary letter on approved letterhead, signed by the authoritative personnel in the organization, such as Director and others. It must be ensured that the provided letter must be written by individual besides the one being chosen as the supervisor and must verify the identity of the future supervisor and their post as someone of adequate power to act as the organizational supervisor.

Step Three

The documents can either be emailed or mailed to the email or postal address respectively mentioned on the website. Later on, a username and password will be emailed to the listed supervisor, which lets him directly use the TRF Verification Service.

Who Else Can Use the Services of the TRF Verification System Than the Nominated Supervisor?

The listed supervisor is authorized to add and remove more users from the same listed organization. This lets several users’ access to use the verification service at any point of time without the assigned supervisor from the same firm or department, using their own independent username as well as password. However, it is suggested that within big institutions, different branches should apply for the different supervisor access, so users can be reserved at a handy level for the supervisors.

Reasons Behind ‘No Match Found ‘message on the Site

In case if ‘No Match Found’ message appears on the screen, then it implies that the TRF has not been found in the records, which can be on the following grounds:

  • The IELTS results have been recently issued and are unavailable online by the time you are accessing the system. The results of IELTS are published online after twelve to forty-eight hours after the release of the results and yet to be uploaded to the TRF verification system.
  • The incorrect TRF number is entered so it is always recommended that you double-check the numbers.
  • The message appeared is due to some technical or internet crash or traffic, which prevents this specific TRF form to appear online.
  • The received TRF is fake, which is the reason why the system does not recognize it.

Briefly stating, TRF verification system is an online system for the verification of IELTS results so that institutions and individuals can verify the authenticity of results.