Who Conduct the IELTS Test in Pakistan?

IELTS or International English language proficiency testing is obligatory for admission and scholarships in most international educational institutes. It is the most reliable test service for checking English language expertise.

IELTS Testing Service Providers

If you are targeting to get your English language skills tested in Pakistan, there are two testing provider options naming Australian Education Office (AEO) and British Council IELTS. This article will provide you comprehensive information regarding both service providers and will also provide detailed information on IELTS tests procedure as well as its preparation.
Both administrators ensure reliability and share international recognition and facilitate the same tests while scores from both are accepted worldwide. However, both service providers have somewhat different communication and booking methods, along with testing locations and examination dates.

AEO Pakistan

AEO Pakistan has been working to facilitate the students’ enrollment at esteemed universities in Australia since 1997 and is known as the ‘Australian & Global Education Specialist.’ AEO runs IELTS Official Test Centre in Pakistan and has been providing its expert services for years.

AEO Pakistan IELTS Test Centers: AEO conducts three to four IELTS tests per month and has test centers in three major cities including Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, which represent their provinces. Applicants from other cities from a particular province have to deliver tests in these cities. However, booking facilities are available in their nearby areas and online as well. Candidates from Balochistan must contact AEO Islamabad for test registrations.
AEO IELTS Registration Procedure: A candidate can download the application form from their official website’s booking portal and can reserve a seat online. You can also physically visit the office at locations were available for registration.
The applicant is required to fill the form accurately, submit necessary documents including CNIC copy and bank draft/pay order. Then, the duly filled form suitable to be mailed through courier and can be personally submitted as well.
If a candidate opts for online testing, the process is a little different. The candidate is required to select testing city, module, and register for the desired test. The applicant has to check seat accessibility. The online testing system covers all the test segments except for the speaking portion for which you have to choose a separate day and time. After registration, you will have to submit the printed email with registration details, bank draft/pay order, and a copy of CNIC or Passport within five days.

British Council

The British Council is England’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities and has more than 75 years of experience teaching and testing English. The service provider has helped people from more than 130 countries gain English language qualifications.
British Council IELTS Test Centers: British Council offers test centers in several cities including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Sargodha, Peshawar, Multan, Hyderabad, Gujrat, Faisalabad, Quetta, Mirpur, Bahawalpur, Sialkot, and Abbottabad. British Council offers three to four tests a month for cities naming Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi and only one test per month for other cities mentioned above.
British Council IELTS Registration Procedure: To register with the British Council, a candidate has to visit the official website and register through the online registration section.
You will have to select your country, mention type of IELTS test, select date and city, and check availability and apply. After application, the candidate must sign the declaration, fill out the candidate’s details, and pay the booking fee when you receive the email about your seat reservation.

The procedure for Conducting Tests

IELTS tests are developed to rank English language proficiency in all four sectors of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Therefore, the test is divided into these four basic units, while various tests are conducted to evaluate the English language skills in a total time of fewer than 3 hours.
In case of the regular test procedure, all four tests are conducted on the same day while in computer-based test, the speaking segment is usually conducted on a different day and time while the other 3 are performed on a single day.
IELTS score is effective for 2 years while the admission conditions differ across educational institutes and countries. However, 6 Bands are a must when it comes to IELTS scoring as per the experts of the field.

IELTS Preparation

Both the testing authorities provide complete and professional counseling and assistance to students aiming to study abroad. IELTS tests are designed to grade your English language skills, so, you have to be more than just good with the language. Therefore, IELTS preparation is necessary for success.
The IELTS preparatory courses and classes offered by both facilitators provide professional help in improving all four English language skills. The courses provide students with sample test questions, targeted practice materials, and test day tips and advice. IELTS preparation courses by both focus on making the students familiarize with the types of tasks included in each IELTS test. AEO official website also features direct links to IELTS essential and free IELTS preparation and practice material involving practice tests, related videos, and useful materials.
Apart from the in-class IELTS preparation efforts, their official websites also house extensive resources such as samples in listening, reading, academic writing, and speaking practices. The online resources are significantly helpful for individuals who are not able to take regular classes.