Why AEO is a good option for UKVI life skills test

This world has become a global village, where you can go anywhere to get the desired job, living and higher studies. But every country  has its rules and standards which you have to qualify for being there.

Mostly people from Asian countries are moving towards European countries to get better job opportunities, study purpose or to settle there with their  families. The government of the UK has made some rules in this regard and one of them is that you have to prove your English language proficiency for social interactions. 

There are various types of English language proficiency tests according to the visa requirement. Basic tests are IELTS general, IELTS academic, and IELTS Life skills A1. 

IELTS Academic:

This test is for those who want to pursue their academic career in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  This is a comparatively hard test as compared with other forms.

IELTS general training:

If you are planning to migrate to the UK and want to settle there for a job and residence then you will take IELTS general training test. 

IELTS life skills A1:

Life Skills A1 test is for those who want to show their English language speaking and listening skills at the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) AT LEVEL A1 or B1.

These tests are conducted and managed by the British Council and Australian education office. There is no difference in tests conducted by both of these organizations other than dates, timing and scheduled.

About the Australian Education Office (AEO):

AEO provides counseling and help to students intending to study in Australia, UK, and other member countries. AEO started giving services in Pakistan in April 1997. The deputy prime minister and minister of trade of Australia opened its office in April 1997. AEO’S Islamabad office started its operation in 1999. Most of the students now prefer to go through AEO because of their well trained and well-behaved staff and timely results. 

How to get registered:

To find a suitable test date and location you may visit the official website of AEO. There you can fill their online form and pay the fee through bank draft. You will be responded within 2 days about your registration and test scheduled. A verification Email will be sent to you as well.

What you may be asked?

At IELTS life skills test the main focus is to know that can you speak and properly understand English. You will be asked such questions to determine your understanding and how do you precisely deliver your message. One important part is face to face discussion in which 2 test takers have a conversation with you on daily life topics like

  • Health
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Hobbies
  • Friends
  • News 
  • Fashion
  • Work etc

Inquiry on results:

This service makes AEO more attractive. In this section, if you are not satisfied with your results then you may apply for re-marking of your test. To do this one must have to fill out a form and submit fee in a bank and present original fee receipt. After re-mark if you get a high score then all fees will be refunded and if there is no change in result then only a notification will be sent to the candidate.

 Timely services and response to the candidate is a major quality of AEO. If you are planning to take any of these tests you should visit the official website of AEO.