Why Is Australia The Most Preferred Education Destination For Pakistani Students


Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is said to be the 6th biggest country in the world. Australians welcome the foreigners wholeheartedly. A great number of people even migrate there for permanent living in Australia.

We came to know that around 47% of other foreigners migrated there and now they are known as a citizen of Australia. So basically, it is a multicultural and a multi-language country as well. More than 250 languages are spoken there. The life of a Pakistani student in Australia is, worth living.

Below, we have discussed all the aspects for a Pakistani student to apply for study in Australia as well as the visa process for a Pakistani student.


No doubt, Australia has the best education system in the entire world. Many of the higher education institutions in Australia are accommodating over half a million students in the world. After the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia is the 3rd highest international destination for the students. Globally, it is known as the most reputed international education destination.

Furthermore, seven universities in Australia are included in the 100 top universities of the world. They offer around 22000 study courses to the local and the international students.


Education is the most important asset in Australia. Their focus on the educational sectors is simply amazing. The Government of Australia spends a million Australian dollars every year for this purpose. They do not compromise on the quality of education. Their education system or the structure is based on modern values. They do not complicate the syllabus but make it easy and impressive to understand for the students.


The environment of higher education institutions in Australia is student-friendly. Especially, the international students are treated with more affection. They help international students to adjust in society. Most importantly, there is no language barrier for international students as around 80% of the citizens speak English. Most of the people choose to go there because of the friendly environment, cultural diversity, natives and high quality of education.


The education cycle in the higher education institutions of Australia includes vocational education and training courses as well. From the undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs and Doctor degree programs. Their system of higher education is quite different from the other universities all over the world. The other part, tertiary education, possesses higher education, vocational as well as a training system. It helps in nourishing the academic as well as a practical approach of a student. Therefore, the schools and employers can easily recognize the degrees from Australian institutions.


They offer various programs in various fields. An international student has a vast number of opportunities in higher education that is categorized as a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, Commerce, law, arts, and Science subject as well. In a combined study program, the students are awarded two degrees after the completion of the combined degree program in Australia.


The expenses of living and tuition with a high standard are comparatively lower than UK and US. The international students are permitted for a part-time job while studying so that they can afford their education expenses on their own. Moreover, they can also avail scholarships offered by Australian institutions which supports them.


The Australian Government spends a lot of money for the betterment of the educational system every year. They also spend money to grant scholarship to the students for studying in Australia. It is provided for the academic purpose as well as to the researchers to research in Australia in specific fields.

Those who are capable enough and holds an excellent academic record should apply for a scholarship to study abroad in Australia.


The government of Australia has made the procedure easy for international students to get a study visa. The purpose of this act is to spread and promote the higher quality of education across the world. They require different documents from different candidates depending on their study program and home country.

  • Online visa application
  • Experience certificate (if employed previously)
  • Educational certificates or degree
  • Health insurance
  • Recent photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Financial proof
  • Acceptance letter of higher education institution of Australia

It normally takes 4 weeks in the completion to process the visa application and the documents.


If we talk about the residence, there are so many options to choose from. It depends on the area, lifestyle you are willing to opt. The students go ahead with their financial condition and comfort level. Moreover, most of the higher education institutions or universities are providing residence to the students, which is furnished and maintained keeping in mind the requirements and needs of a student.

  • They can go for a single room for oneself with a shared dining hall, kitchen, bathroom, living room. These apartments are very comfortable for students. They must pay weekly rent according to the facilities they want to avail.
  • for those who do not want to live in the university provided residence can also rent an apartment on a sharing basis. Again, the rent of the apartment is up to the location and the facilities being provided. In short, it is one of the most economical ways of living. They can also cook food by themselves in the apartment’s kitchen on a sharing basis which will help in reducing the food expense.
  • You can also live with a local family for a comfort zone. People there offers a single room for an individual along with the laundry and food. The Australian authority makes sure if the room is fine for the student or not for the sake of the safety of international students.


It usually depends on the visa type. The students with full degree program can work along with study. They are ought to work 20 hours per week. They are given leaves, rest time the same as the regular staff. International students are given all the necessary benefits by Australia.

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