Why You Should Never Fall Prey For the Fake Immigration Consultants?

Before we tell you that Why You Should Never Fall Prey For the Fake Immigration Consultants? We would like to mention that in developing countries like Pakistan brain drain is unfortunate yet an emerging dilemma.  Since everyone strives for a better and prosperous future. However, not everyone’s fate meets with what they have planned actually. There is no doubt that a large number of students in Pakistan want to study abroad and in the pursuit of doing this, they would take every possible leap without knowing the consequences.

Been serving Immigration Services in Pakistan, AEO Pakistan has witnessed that now a large number of students wish to study abroad. With this ever-increasing number of students, the number of businesses offering these services has increased as well. Behind sometimes, immigration services in Pakistan were thought to be a respectable profession although it is still considered. However, some black sheep of the industry have maligned it a lot.

Going further, we would say other than spending and wasting huge chunk of money, some of the fellas even lost their lives leaving their gentle ladies widow, children as an orphan and so on.

So in case, you got plans to go abroad and have been looking for reliable immigration services. Here’s what you got to know.

First Things Come First- Never Fall Prey for the Fake Immigration Consultants

Believe it or not, we have been saying and advocating this a lot. We rather say that the shortest distance between two points is the straight line. So letting immigration consultants play with you or your career totally depends upon you.

But the Question is How to Determine if Immigration Consultants is Playing Tricks?

The answer to the question is quite simple, in order to save you some money, they will either present you some low-standard colleges or they would suggest you alternate routes. Even some of the consultants would tell you that, first choose this destination, you will then complete qualification or you can get transit visas from one destination to another. More or less, they will be telling you fairy tales of fairy meadows while leaving you at the desert on an end.

Always Ensure They Are Authentic and Reliable

In a perfect competitive market such as Pakistan, entry, and exit of firms and businesses is easy. In addition to that, unfortunate yet low government rules and regulations are letting these culprits operate easily. So whenever you are going to ask them about their services, always do complete R&D from your side. Seek their credibility from all the possible means.

Checking Their Partner Universities Is Another Trick That May Come Handy

Not all the immigration consultants in Pakistan are credible enough to partner with the major/state level universities in most parts of the world. So when checking the credibility factor, see the list of universities, they have in their panel. Going one step further, sending a direct email to the university and speaking with the representative will further help you seek their credibility.

See the Number of Years They Have Been Serving

Like the seasonal butcher, there are seasonal immigration consultants too. And the unfortunate part in Pakistan is, “half of our population intend to go out while other half is acting as an agent to send them abroad J” So before you fall prey for such seasonal immigration consultant in Pakistan always ensure that they have been in the industry for a pretty good number of years.

Go Through Their Portfolio/ Alumni List

Action speaks louder than words. So if an immigration consultant starts building castles in the air for you. It’s important that you should ask/check them their portfolio. Like how many students they have helped in sending and where are they studying or actually studied and in what programs.

Ask Them Like an Investigative Journalist

Rather than being “Summun Bukmmun” we would appreciate if you keep asking them questions. Ask them questions like how this course will help you. Why only this college and why not other. What are some cross comparisons? As a matter of fact, you should be asking them a number of questions. So that they get to know that they got an actual student rather than a sack that needs to be dispatched from one place to another.

Over To You

That’ all from team AEO Pakistan and if you want to know more or have some suggestions or need immigration consultancy services in Pakistan, feel free to shoot us a message or give us a call.