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Enquiry on Results

Enquiry on Results is a procedure by which candidates can request to have their papers re-marked. The candidates must apply for a re-mark at their original centers within six weeks of the Test date. Candidates requesting a re-mark of their results must complete an EOR form Enquiry on Result Form available from IELTS Centers or Centre’s website. Candidates can apply for a re-mark of all four tests or select the ones they wish to have done, the fee is the same. When applying for EOR the candidate is requested to submit original TRF, EOR Form & Fee Pay order/bank draft payable to “AEO-Pakistan” . If a candidate is awarded a higher score than the original, a new Test Report Form (TRF) will be issued by the centre with the new score/s and Examiner number recorded. A full refund of the re-mark fee will be given to the candidate in the event of improved scores. If there is no improvement to the original score, the candidate will be notified. No new TRF will be issued & there will be no refund of the re-mark fee.

Your result will normally be available in 2 to 21 days, depending on several factors including the number of sections requested for re-mark. If you have not received a response after 28 days, please contact us.

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