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IELTS Life Skills

IELTS Life Skills

 Important notice to all test takers

You will need to specify what the test is for when you book your test. We strongly recommend that you check with the UK Visas and Immigration on the test that you will be required to submit for your application.

Test Fee and Schedule:

IELTS for UK Visa and Immigration fee
PKR 37800

IELTS Life Skills fee
PKR 29320

All the UKVI  and Life Skills Fees will be paid through bank draft or payorder/bank chalan payable to AEO Pakistan

Transfer, refund and cancellation policy

Candidates who request a postponement or cancellation of their test within 5 weeks of the Test date will be charged the full fee unless they are able to provide appropriate medical evidence or supply valid reason to support their request. Evidence of medical/ valid reason must be provided no later than 5 days after the Test date. An Administrative fee of about 25% of total Fee will be charged for the Test date transfer/ will be deducted from the Test fee refund.

Serious causes include:

• illness – e.g. hospital admission, serious injury or illness (does not include minor illness such as a mild cold).
• loss or bereavement – death of a close family member. • hardship/trauma – victim of crime, victim of a traffic accident military service.

The Administrator will advise the candidate within one week of lodging the application whether or not their request has been approved.


If the candidate’s application is approved, the centre will refund the test fee to the candidate. However the centre may deduct an administrative fee (no more than 25% of the test fee).


If the candidate’s application is approved, candidates must select a test date within the next three-month period and this will be approved by the Administrator depending on availability for the selected test date. There may be limited availability for test dates in the first five-week period. Candidates who wish to transfer to a test date more than three months away should apply for a refund and then re-apply for the test.

A candidate marked absent on the test day will forfeit their full IELTS test fee.


IELTS Life Skills

Test results are normally available within 7 days of your test.

You will get one of two results: Pass & Fail

A fail result means that you have not been successful and your test cannot be used for your visa application.

For EOR (Enquiry on results) details Please  click here


Results will be produced 13 days after the Test & send by courier to the candidates on the addresses mentioned on their IELTS Application Form or Online booking portal, Candidates may collect their results on the 13th day from the Test centre upon prior request. Test centers are not permitted to give results over the phone or by fax or email. Replacement Test Report Forms are not provided in case of loss. Candidates can request up to 5 copies of their result to be sent to IELTS receiving organizations (Please note TRFs cannot be sent to agents) at no extra charge.

Correction/amendments in IELTS TRF can be made upon candidate request only in case of.

If incorrect data printed on IELTS TRF. Candidate should contact AEO centers as early as possible if they receive IELTS result with error. There is no fee for correction.


If your Test results are not meeting your requirement, you can sit for Test again any time. There is no time bar on it.

You will be expected to:
- Listen and respond to spoken language, including simple narratives, statements, questions and single-step instructions
- Communicate basic information, feelings and opinions on familiar topics
- Talk with another person in a familiar situation about familiar topics
Tasks may include: - Describing
- Giving opinions
- Giving personal information
- Stating preferences
- Commenting
- Asking for information or descriptions
- Agreeing and disagreeing
- Explaining, giving reasons or justifying
- Deciding
- Suggesting
- Selecting
You will be expected to:
- Listen and respond to spoken language, including straightforward information and narratives, and follow straightforward explanations and instructions.
- Communicate information, feelings and opinions on familiar topics, using appropriate formality.
- Talk with one or more people in a familiar situation, making relevant points and responding to what others say to reach a shared understanding about familiar topics.
In addition to the A1 tasks shown above, the B1 tasks may include: - Comparing
- Showing contrast, cause, reason or purpose
- Prioritising
- Planning
- Persuading
- Narrating
- Asking about past or future events
- Expressing future certainty or possibility

FAQs – Preparing for IELTS Life Skills

How will I be assessed in the test?

You will be assessed on your ability in four key areas:
1- Obtaining information
2- Conveying information
3- Speaking to communicate
4- Engaging in discussion
At times during the test, you will be allowed to take notes to prepare your answers. The examiner will not mark your notes – only your speaking and listening skills are marked during the test.

At what level is IELTS Life Skills?

IELTS Life Skills is available at A1 and B1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This is an international standard used around the world to describe learners’ language skills.

What happens during the test?

There are two main parts to IELTS Life Skills:
1- In the first part, you are expected to ask and answer questions on familiar topics.
2- The second part is a combined listening and speaking task.
3- At A1 and B1 level, you will listen to a task played on a CD.
4- Completing the task allows you to show your ability to listen for both the general meaning and detail.
5- You will say your answers, although you can makes notes on paper while you listen to the CD.
6- There will then be a discussion on a theme related to what you have listened to on the CD.
7- Additionally at B1 level, there is also a task where you plan an activity with the other candidate.

Why do I take the test with another candidate?

IELTS Life Skills tests show well you can communicate with other people in everyday English. The best way to test these skills is to pair test takers at a similar level of ability, so you can show how well you can speak English to communicate and engage in discussion with others.

How long is the test?

For IELTS Life Skills, you only need to attend one short session to complete the test. The times allowed for each level are:
1- IELTS Life Skills – A1 Speaking and Listening 16–18 minutes
2- IELTS Life Skills – B1 Speaking and Listening 22 minutes.

Free support materials

Two free sample papers for each level will be available shortly.

Simple Papers Level Country
IELTS Life Skills – Sample Paper A Level A1 A1 Download now


IELTS Life Skills A1 Sample Test A A1 Play now


IELTS Life Skills – Sample Paper B Level A1 A1 Download now


IELTS Life Skills A1 Sample Test B A1 Play now


IELTS Life Skills – Sample Paper A Level B1 B1 Download now


IELTS Life Skills B1 Sample Test A B1 Play now


IELTS Life Skills – Sample Paper B Level B1 B1 Download now


IELTS Life Skills B1 Sample Test B B1 Play now


Results for IELTS Life Skills tests

Test results are normally available within six (6) days of your test.
You will get one of two results:
1- Pass
2- Fail
A fail result means that you have not been successful and your test cannot be used for your visa application.

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IELTS Life Skills

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